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Hearing Aid Myths

Misonceptions and misinformation about hearing loss and hearing aids is common. Don't assume you have all the information you need to make decisions about your hearing. Speak wiht our hearing care professionals, and learn to separate the myths from reality.

  • I’ll just have some minor surgery like my friend did, and then my hearing will be okay.
    Many people know someone whose hearing improved after medical or surgical treatment. It’s true that some types of hearing loss can be successfully treated. With adults, unfortunately, this only applies to 5-10% of cases.
  • Your hearing loss cannot be helped.
    In the past, many people were told there was nothing that could be done about nerve damage. Now with modern advances in technology, nearly 95% of people with a sensorineural hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids.
  • Hiding hearing loss is better than wearing hearing aids.
    What price are you paying for vanity? Untreated hearing loss is far more noticeable than hearing aids. Not being able to participate actively in conversations is frustrating for you as well as your family and friends. At best, untreated hearing loss means giving up some of the pleasant sounds you used to enjoy. Of great consequence, vanity could severely reduce the quality of your life.
  • Hearing aids will make me look "older" and "handicapped".
    It is not the hearing aid that makes one look older, it is what one may believe hearing aids imply. If hearing aids help you function like a normal hearing person, for all intents and purposes, the stigma is removed. Smiling and nodding your head when you don’t understand what’s being said makes your condition more apparent than even the largest hearing aid on the market.
  • Hearing aids will make everything sound too loud.
    In the past, hearing aids were simply amplifiers. The way they were designed, it was necessary to turn up the power in order to hear soft speech causing normal conversational levels to be too loud. With today’s modern digital hearing aid technology, the circuits are sophisticated and can automatically adjust to your listening situations.
  • Most people are not satisfied with hearing aids.
    According to research at the Better Hearing Institute, hearing healthcare professional receive customer satisfaction ratings of 92%. More importantly, 9 out of 10 people indicate their quality of life have improved with hearing aids.